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Welcome to Wahaso - Water Harvesting Solutions

We are the experienced leader in custom systems that harvest on-site water for reuse in commercial buildings. We are a design-build shop and we support clients for the entire process from the initial analysis of potential supplies and demand through detailed engineered designs to fabrication, installation and commissioning. Whether your interest is rainwater harvesting, greywater harvesting or some combination of both, Wahaso can be your partner throughout the process.

Our only business is commercial harvesting systems, and we have designed and installed hundreds of systems throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Design Build Services

Let us work with you to support any or all phases of your project:

SCOPING. In this step, we provide a custom, in depth analysis of all potential supplies and demand for harvested water. Sources could include rooftop rainwater, greywater (or "graywater"), stormwater, condensate or others. Uses can include irrigation, toilet flushing, cooling tower make-up and more. We'll run our proprietary Cistern Optimization Model to support our recommendation for water storage size and type. We'll write a custom system sequence and provide a schematic of our recommended design. Fina...Read more >>


ENGINEERED DESIGN. Once a project and sequence are approved, we will do the detailed engineering design of your commercial rainwater harvesting system or greywater harvesting system. Our engineers produce highly detailed 3D drawings of all components, ensuring that the final system will be built correctly. Those drawings can be directly included into the building plans and specifications. We will assist in writing system performance specifications that you can edit and use as needed. We work closely with architec...Read more >>



When it comes time to deliver a system, our fabrication team builds a fully operational system in our facility on skids that can then be transported and installed at the project site. We eliminate as many steps as possible for the contractor to speed installation and lower your installation costs.



Our systems are all custom designed and built for a specific project. To make sure the installation goes smoothly, and to resolve any potential problems, we include our cost to travel to the site to work with the installing contractor. We’ll run system tests to make sure all pumps, sensors and controls are working as intended.



Our system price includes commissioning by us and time to train the building staff to make sure they are comfortable in operating the system, reading controls and alarms, and maintaining the system so it operates correctly. Our systems all include a limited one year warranty on the entire system to assure you that we will work with you to resolve any issues that can occur during the first year of operation.

Our Services

For Architects:

When a building is being designed, we scope the harvesting system by thinking through the best sources and uses for on-site treated water. We recommend the size and type of system and provide a rough estimate of the project's cost.

For Engineers:

We team up to provide the detailed system designs, drawings and specifications.

For Installing Contractors: :

We serve as the manufacturer of the specified system. We pre-assemble and test all components at our facility and then ship them on tskids ready to be installed as an integrated system by the local contractor.

For Architects:

We provide training and support for operating and maintaining the installed system and warrant the entire system for a year.

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