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Wahaso Partners

Industry Partners

We have aligned ourselves with a number of companies in our industry that have similar customers and offer related services to ours. By working together, we expand the breadth of our respective solutions to offer fully integrated solutions from harvested water collection through application.


PuraTerra is Wahaso’s selling partner in the Northeast U.S. They represent a number manufacturers of sustainable building products and services, so they are like-minded when it comes to on-site water reuse. PuraTerra’s clients are aligned with Wahaso’s – Engineers, Architects and the Mechanical Contracting trade. Alex Argento and Than Hansen are smart and knowledgeable about Wahaso’s services and those of related companies.


Like Wahaso, LandtechDesign understands the value of bringing customers solutions that are fully integrated into a building or site design. As experts in sustainable irrigation system design, Jim Davis and his team can help clients develop truly sustainable irrigation, that incorporate Wahaso water harvesting systems with their irrigation system designs.


For Canadian projects, we work with Kent Frame and his team at GeoStorm. GeoStorm offers Wahaso’s solutions for on-site water reuse as well as related products for stormwater BMP. Learn more about one of our projects with GeoStorm here.

Supplier Partners

Wahaso is a value-added integrator of components into complete solutions for water harvesting. We have found that there is no one best solution for water storage or treatment. Each system is best when it is customized to the unique requirements of a building in a specific location. So we have aligned ourselves with those manufacturers that we consider best-in-class for major components and subsystems, and we incorporate their products into our solutions.


When it comes to sustainable sites, Atlantis has long been the innovator for systems that capture and retain on-site water sources. Founder and President Humberto Urriola shares our passion for water conservation, and we are true believers in the Atlantis D-Raintank system and its ability to passively protect stored water quality while offering infinite options for size and shape at a very competitive cost. Our relationship with Atlantis and North American director Linda Maley goes back to our first year as Wahaso. You can see how we integrate Atlantis products into our systems at our Projects Page.


When we recommend systems that require concrete cisterns or precast concrete vaults and risers, we work with Oldcastle Precast. Steve Kingsland and his team work with us to recommend the best approach to building structures that can economically store rainwater and stormwater for reuse. See how we have incorporated Oldcastle products into our greywater harvesting project at MCRD San Diego.


Corrugated steel tanks are an attractive and long-lasting solution for storing rainwater above-ground. We are the mid-west representatives for CorGal Water Tanks from Water Storage Tanks in Austin, TX. It’s a family owned business, and we like working with Jeff, Jack and Carolyn Hall. They manufacture tanks from 6′ in diameter holding as little as 700 gallons to municipal-size tanks 72′ in diameter holding over half a million gallons. To see an example of one of our rainwater harvesting systems using CorGal tanks, take a look at our Fields Volvo project. You can download an information sheet on CorGal tanks for Wahaso systems here.


We find that many sites lend themselves to the use of fiberglass tanks. Fiberglass cisterns are water tight and familiar to engineers throughout the industry. Containment Solutions has been a partner with Wahaso from early on. Todd Bogenrief and his team work closely with us to design fiberglass tanks in the many sizes and configurations required in custom systems. To see an example of an system using a CSI tank see our project at the University of South Florida.

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