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Offsetting Water Shortages with Grey Water Harvesting

It happens every summer. We grow to expect it. When the summer heat scorches our lawns, every town in America begins its yearly water ban, limiting the amount of water used and sometimes banning water activity outright, save for daily necessities. It seems so regular that it is hard to believe there was once a time where this didn’t occur. Yet a solution does exist: a process known as grey water recycling.

Grey Water: A New Solution to an Old Problem

Grey water is simply defined as water that has been “gently used” in sinks, baths and showers. It does not come from toilets or water with food waste, and yet it can make up eighty percent of the waste water generated by a single household. With a simple grey water harvesting system this useful water can be cleaned and sanitized for non-potable reuse such as irrigation. Grey water harvesting alone could potentially save a community thousands of gallons of drinking water for consumption, rather than wasting it on watering lawns.

From Grey to Clear: Making Recycled Water Clean and Safe

While grey water is an excellent source of outdoor watering and can also be used indoors for flushing toilets. However, regardless of the intended use, the water must be clean and safe before it can be exposed to the public. The process of reusing grey water for both irrigation and toilet flushing starts with harvesting the grey water and sending it through multiple filters to remove particulates. The water is then sanitized in order to ensure it is safe for public use. These precautions are necessary whether it is a small residential system, or a large-scale commercial system such as those designed by Water Harvesting Solutions (Wahaso).

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