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Multi-Source Systems

Maximize Water Savings with a Multi-Source Harvesting System from Wahaso

Our objective for any commercial water harvesting system is that we maximize the amount of municipal water we are saving with the system.  In most types of commercial buildings, the amount of water used for potable purposes is only a small percentage of total water consumption. Most water is used for cooling towers, irrigation and toilet flushing – each of which can be replaced with on-site treated non-potable water.

Our first goal in the Scoping stage is to identify enough non-potable water sources to meet all the potential non-potable demand.  We start with rooftop rainwater as a source, and then add additional sources – cooling condensate, greywater, stormwater and more.

In many cases, one system can properly treat multiple sources so that we can maximize the amount of water available with minimal additional system cost.  The typical result is that the system becomes much more efficient without much more investment.

As we look at all possible sources and uses of harvested water, we run a proprietary optimization model that evaluates six years of historical rain data to help us optimize the recommend storage capacity.  The model output is a comprehensive report detailing all sources and uses and projecting the average annual total system water savings.

You can see examples of installed multi-source harvesting systems that we designed and built on our Projects Page.



Reports show month to month supply and demand and the average expected percent of total demand met based on six years of historic data.Wahaso_Optimization_Report2

We’re ready to help you design a system that can maximize the water savings for your project.  Our Scoping stage is normally provided without charge. Please contact us now.

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